S.1 to S.6 Admissions (2021-2022)
Application Period: Effective from now on
Notes to Applicants:

Applicants are required to submit copies of HK ID Card, school report cards of recent two school years and all relevant certificates.

Application Form:


1. Pick up in person at the school office of QualiEd College.

2. Download by clicking the following links
Secondary One Discretionary Place Application Form (word version)
Secondary One Discretionary Place Application Form (pdf version)
(An interview will be arranged within two weeks after the application is received)
Secondary Two to Five Discretionary Place Application Form (word version)
Secondary Two to Five Discretionary Place Application Form (pdf version)



Email:[email protected]  or

Fax:2706 9906  or

By post / by hand:Man Kwan QualiEd College, School General Office,

                                  2, Kan Hok Lane, Tseung Kwan O 

Annual School Fees (2020-2021)

(The students who come from families receiving the CSSA or receiving financial assistance provided by the student Finance Assistance Agency (SFAA) could apply for school fee remission. Students excluded from the above-mentioned subsidy scheme are also entitled to apply for any school-cased fee remission programmes.)

S1: HKD9600 per annum

S2: HKD9600 per annum

S3: HKD9600 per annum

S4: HKD9600 per annum

S5: HKD9600 per annum

S6: HKD9600 per annum

Admission Criteria


Based on our mission “ALL ARE EDUCABLE”, we are keen to provide learning opportunities to youths having a sense of purpose and identifying themselves with our ideas for their future successes and contributions to society. Our admission criteria are as follows:

  1. Academic results:30%
  2. Conduct:30%
  3. Extracurricular performance (including various extracurricular activities such as physical exercise, arts and drama, etc.) :20%
  4. Interview performance (Interviews must be conducted with the presence of either father or mother of the interviewee. No written test will be provided.) :10%
  5. Being a relative of our students:10%



All information is saved as Acrobat PDF, and can be viewed online with Acrobat Reader.

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